Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sheriff Interviewed on Los Angeles Public Radio Station

The Kid Nation Story continues with interviews on CNN, TV-Guide, and People Magazine. The Latest was an Interview on Southern California Public Radio Station KPCC. You can hear the Interview here. (Real Player required)

Along with many media interviews on Kid Nation the New Mexican had an interesting article on Commissioner Harry Montoya's stance and press conference over the Medical Marijuana issue. The article garnered many comments which were interesting to read, at least when the comments did not go off topic. I received phone calls today from Medical Marijuana groups applauding my comments in the article. I described my stance on this issue in a blog post on July 2, 2007. One thing I was asked to consider by one of the national proponents who called today was a program where rather than the state being the distributor and grower the State would license and strictly regulate private companies to grow and distribute the drug. I asked them to email me more information and they said they would.

Besides the calls from organized proponents I spoke to or received calls from individuals who told me stories about their loved ones who suffered and whose symptoms were relieved by the drug. They told me about the embarrassment and fear of getting arrested as they asked around for someone who might know someone who could sell them the drug. Normally law abiding citizens were forced to choose between comforting a loved one and breaking the law.

Somewhere among all the hype and controversy is an answer that will work for most people. Notice I did not say everyone, one thing I have learned is you can't please everyone. I am still committed to keeping drugs, marijuana and other drugs, illegal for all but the very few ill people who have been certified by a competent physician as in need of the drug. I spoke at length about my view on legalizing drugs in this blog post. Also by clicking here you can see all my blog posts related to drug legalization and medical marijuana.

One final note, Eye on Albuquerque, the anonymous blogger from Albuquerque ponders whether my run for Lieutenant Governor will cause me to cease blogging.

He or she notes: "It will be very interesting to see if Sheriff Solano continues to blog during his campaign for Lt. Governor. Blogs are great for expressing opinions and while opinions can garner support they can also create enemies who will use his posts against him."

Not only will I continue to blog, I have even started a new blog which will detail the run for Lieutenant Governor in a personal and honest way that I believe has never been done in New Mexico politics. One thing I vowed when I first ran for office was that "politics will not change me, I will change politics".

I truly believe this and this is not some made up campaign slogan. I will not formulate an opinion based on what polls say or based on what might be best for the campaign. I had a job before politics and should the voters decide I am not right for the position I am running I will have a job and continue to serve my community in other ways. So come here and read my ramblings and yes I am sure my opponents will try and use these writings against me, the good thing is that "you never have to remember what you said if you always say the truth".


Eideard said...

Rock on, Greg. I've enjoyed your Blog and - though I disagree with the occasional issue, like legalizing drugs - nothing there is tough enough to hinder my support.

In truth, when I mentioned to family that you're running for Lt..Guv - the solid response was "What are we going to get for a Sheriff, now?"

We're spoiled.

Anonymous said...

Truth is subjective isn't it?

Anonymous said...

So are lies a 'subjective reality'...but they are harder to keep track of when you tell different stories to different individuals and suddenly you can't remember who knows which version of how you tried to play it off.
By telling one story, which usually lends toward being the truth, you never get tripped up. Don't play to the individual, but to the end game, and bring all your contacts to the same page so they don't get together and realize that you're nothing but a phoney.
Most liars can't control their babbling and are soon seen for what they are, mis-leading and undependable and only out for themselves.

Sheriff Greg Solano said...

Wow, who would think someone would be giving lessons on how to lie on my blog. Interesting conversation, although as a cop I find that people who lie have a lot of trouble keeping the story consistent which leads to their being caught in the lie.

Anonymous said...

Whoops, mis-understood here. Didn't mean 'make-up a story and stick to it', I meant by telling the truth, which is the one story that holds everything together, you'll always prevail and bring all your friends and contacts to the same conclusion that you're up-standing and reliable and someone they can depend on and not a phony.
Is that a better explanation?
Liars tell so many different versions they lose track of who they told what and eventually it will be their downfall.
But even misunderstandings are lively, aren't they? And in this case, at least, I can laugh at myself. Gosh, you made me see what I wrote from your perspective and it was truly innocent. As life is short and so precious we must take time to be perfectly clear and truthful.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it doesn't have anything to do with lying. Maybe its just that your truth isn't the same as the truth that others see.